Kinks, Curls, and Coils

A salon visit can cost $100 for chemical relaxers with trims, conditioners, styling, braids, and weaves. It can cost up to $1,200 to $2,400 per year. 

It is better to go natural to save on cost.

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  • Struggling with dry hair leads to hair breakage and hair loss. This appearance of unhealthy hair brings dissatisfaction and failure. The frustration level and difficulty managing Afro-textured hair rises as the effects from dry hair worsens.
  •  The improper use of hair maintenance lowers the relationship with your natural hair deepening the thought for abandonment. This in return does not promote healthy Afro-textured hair.
  • Using practical methods will promote healthy growing Afro-textured hair. Hair will become restored, manageable, and moisturized through healthy practices to avoid dry hair, hair loss and breakage. Knowing the best hairstyles to wear and best products for hair maintenance will prove beneficial to achieve your goals. 
  • You will have a clear vision of having the control of your hair and not your hair having the control over you. You will begin to see immediate results once you use tested methods for an awesome Afro-textured hair for women.

You'll Discover How To:

  • Nurture your hair through proper nutrition to keep it healthy  
  • Beat dry hair by learning how to keep them moisturized longer  
  • Adopt proper hair care habits and establish routines
  • Take advantage of hair structure, growth, and porosity
  • Boost hair growth using tried and tested techniques
  • Learn simple hair maintenance that takes less time
  • Use natural remedies to achieve healthy hair
  • Overcome hair breakage and minimize hair loss  

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 “Wow this book is transformational in helping women with textured hair establish easy maintenance routines to reduce the effects of dry hair and tangles.” —Cinderella White, Cosmetologist “Kerone did a great job writing this book. Women need to know that trimming and deep conditioning your hair will help it grow and hair will be much healthier.” —Hortene Davis, Cosmetologist  



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